Happy to see Phase One have used a series of my images from New York to demonstrate the new Capture One 8 software. I had a tiny part in beta testing V8 and despite Capture One being the industry standard RAW conversion and adjustment tool (and is even better with this iteration), they’re really nice people too.

20,000 Days on Earth

Jesus, am I really older than Nick Cave?

This is something you don’t see much anymore.
Taken on a trip to Maryland for the Observer, around 1989-1990.

From today’s shoot at King’s London. Students at Franklin Wilkins faculty.
Rebranding project with Saffron Design and Paul Franklin.

5th Paris on Friday

4th, Paris on Friday

3rd, From Paris on Friday.

Also from Friday’s shoot in Paris

From Friday’s shoot in Paris

Leaving Paris. Listening to Sun Kil Moon makes it desperately sad, though it doesn’t deserve to be so.

From today’s location.

Hotel room view. Mondrian, awaiting colours.

Beds I’ve Slept In. L’hotel Pergolese, 7th arrondisement, Paris. #jwbisi Sadly this time with labyrinthitis so feeling deaf and very dizzy :(

Done… (at L’ Hôtel Pergolese, Paris)

Leaving London. Ground level and lower.