Beds I’ve Slept In. Hilton Hotel, at JFK. #jwbisi

The view. Delivering my shoot in New York.

Beds I’ve Slept In. Hilton, Rye NY. #jwbisi

Late afternoon arrival at a chilly JFK. Air train to Avis. Rental Car to Rye NY. Jet lag + strange car + wrong side of the road + New York drivers = tough times.
But now in hotel with a beer and all is slowly getting better.

Overwrought branding exercise at LHR.

My friend Stephen Pritchard has had so much success with his eBook ‘Heartbeat' (thanks in no small part to the beautiful cover designed by Graham Taylor, with photography by yours truly) that it is now available to read on real, sumptuous paper.
Tim Adams of The Observer said: "Simon Pritchard’s unique quest in search of ‘fiesta forever’ takes him to the soul of Spain: pious, arcane, profoundly odd and richly comic."

Floor eight to ground.

Another breathtakingly glorious hotel room view. (at ExCel London)

Waiting for the courtesy bus

“For me, serious photography has grown so boring and humourless," he says. "All these photographers with large-format cameras making big landscapes with a power plant in the background and everything so beautiful and perfect. That is something I really hate. What I am looking for is ordinary photographs that tell a a bigger story.”

Beds I’ve Slept In. Aloft, E14 London. #jwbisi (at Aloft London Excel)

Day Two: Industrial. Ashton-under-Lyne.

Capture One did an unusual crash during my edit this morning. When I restarted it the shot I was working on had zoomed to 400%. This is what I was presented with. I thought it rather painterly, and reminded me a little of Richard Hamilton’s work.
I thought I’d share.