Beds I’ve Slept In. BRIDGEWOOD Manor, Kent. #jwbisi


Beds I’ve Slept In. Hotel Arcadia, Wuppertal. #jwbisi

Michel honoured with lovely typography

Beds I’ve Slept In. Le Grand Ducal, Luxembourg. #jwbisi

Infinity car park.

The walk to work.

Beds I’ve Slept In. Park Hotel, Oslo, Norway. (at Park Inn by Radisson Oslo Airport)

Amongst Thursday’s audience at Shakespeare’s Globe, during the intermission of King Lear.

TTWA (The Trouble With Acronyms)

I was working at the Shakespear’s Globe last week, so was an enormous film crew. I was given a rarer than hens teeth parking space until the grip trucks and OB* wagons started arriving and they ran out of parking spaces.
Fair enough. I went and found a parking place elsewhere.
When I returned I walked through the stage door and into a small crowd of people, the woman behind the desk with the onerous task of wrangling an entire film crew and all their support staff shouted a cheery
“Thank you, I can now park my DP” to which I jokingly replied (and in the misbegotten belief that her reference to DP was for Director of Photography):
“Glad to help, and I know how touchy these darned DPs can get, especially if they can’t get to park exactly where they want.” At which moment I noted a stony silence descend upon the small troupe assembled around me. Before the tumbleweed blew across this stage of shame I managed to grab a spade and started digging myself out:
“I’m sorry, what does your DP stand for?”
“Disabled Parkers” came the reply…
Ouch. I immediately explained the error of course.

(Above) Joseph Marcell as King Lear. Astounding performance, go see it.